Concealment Solutions Cobra Holster

Posted by Ricky Taggart on Apr 1st 2023

The One Holster To Rule Them All

Like most people who own a pistol, I have way more holsters then handguns themselves. I have purchased a bunch from the big box stores. I have been given some as presents. And I have purchased some online after reading reviews. It have taken me a long time to get to the holster I am using now. There are a few different guns that I carry depending on my mood and circumstances. Every one of the guns I carry I use the same brand and model of holster.

I was introduced to Jason over at Concealment Solutions by our mutual friend, Mark from Magholder a few years ago. At the time I was using a different brand of holsters that I had paid a lot of money for and I was very skeptical about switching to a new holster. Finally I decided to give it a try. They have quite a few options to select from depending upon your style of carry, as do most holster companies. Concealment Solutions has to amazing holsters in my opinion.

Black Mamba and Cobra

The Black Mamba and the Cobra holsters. The Black Mamba is a IWB holster that uses a leather backing with kydex frame for the holster and heavy duty plastic clips for the belt.

The Cobra holster is an OWB holster and is entirely made of kydex with similar heavy duty plastic clips. Of the two, my favorite is the Cobra holster. It is my go-to holster that I wear every day. Not only is it my every day holster but it is one that I wear camping and hunting as well. It sits higher then most other holsters. Because of the design and clips that it uses, it is extremely comfortable and sits tight on my waist as I am moving around.

Because I have a little more meat around my waist, I personally prefer an OWB holster to the IWB holster. But a lot of OWB holsters sit too low and are uncomfortable. The Cobra by Concealment Solutions has fixed this issue and presented the best OWB holster on the market.

No Regrets

Ever since switching to Concealment Solutions I have never looked back. Not only is Concealment Solutions a local and small holster manufacturer, which I always prefer to support, but the customer service and quality is exceptional.

I have recommended these holsters to everyone I know. I have given them as gifts to family members and friends and slowly started to convert people away from the mainstream holster brands that are sold in the big box stores. Check these holsters out on our store,