Modifying My Ruger 10/22

Posted by Ricky Taggart on Apr 1st 2023

My Ruger 10/22 Rifle was one of the first rifles I ever bought personally. When I bought it almost 10 years ago after my wife and I got married. I bought it used from a guy and although I got a good deal and the gun was in OK condition. I immediately decided to replace the stock with a Tapco stock I bought from Cabelas. My personal opinion, the 10/22 looked way cooler then the beat up wood stock. Over the course of the last few years I have wanted to change the look from the Tapco stock to the Archangel stock. The installation was a little difficult to figure out from the Tapco compared to the Archangel. From what I remember I was able to install the Tapco stock without any instructions or help. The Archangel stock, not only did I need the instructions but I went on and found this Youtube video to help me install the stock.

With the help of the video I was able to convert pretty easily. There were a few places where my rifle action and stock didn’t match up exactly to either the instructions, the video or both, but I was able to figure it out. The new look is way more tactical and makes it look like the H&K G36. I plan on picking up a few more 10/22 rifles and modifying them with different options on the market. For example I picked up a Shaw barrel at SHOT Show and am planning on putting the barrel on a black stock rifle.

My Before and After Pictures of my 10/22 Mod

Ruger 10/22Ruger 10/22

Youtube Video Installation for Archangel 10/22 Stock