My SBR Build – Part 1

Posted by Ricky Taggart on Apr 1st 2023

Dreams Come True

I’ve wanted an SBR for a long time. Ever since I played more video games then was good for me I knew I wanted an SBR. Then when I got my own AR I wanted one even more. Then after working for a firearm company for about 6 months and being surrounded by MSR (Modular Sporting Rifles) all day long and seeing SBR’s come through our store quite regularly I knew it had to be.

So it begins…

That was 5 years ago. I started collecting the parts I needed clear back then. That was during the aftermath craze of one of the shooting massacres while Obama was in office. So ammo, AR’s and everything else gun related skyrocketed in price and was impossible to get. The company I worked for was selling their AR lowers for $150, when it normally sells for around $60 just because of supply and demand. We didn’t have a lot of them and they would sell out in minutes when we got a shipment. I was able to get a Stag Lower for a good price because of my connection working at the company.

Ar build

Since deciding that for 2018 I am going to build an AR to count for my gun of the year I will start collecting parts throughout the year to build it up. I’ve purchased a few Magpul parts already but am having some issues decided on my Upper, Trigger and Barrel. I usually do my research online seeing what the options are as well as ask my other associates who are in the sport as to what they suggest or have experience with.

Put Your Money Where the Trigger Is

I’ve been told that you really want to spend your money on the trigger and the barrel, which I agree with, but I want this SBR to look sweet as well. So I want an upper that looks cool, even though I’m sure for the most part what I am going to be using the AR for any upper will work for me since I am not shooting competitive or for my profession.

In my post from a few days ago I talked about adding a suppressor on this AR build. Since I will already have to pay and wait for the tax stamp from the ATF for the SBR I might as well add the suppressor tax stamp on there.

I’ll continue to post as my AR build continues. This will be a multiple part series.