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Shooting the Sidewinder

I got to get out and shoot my Sako 300WM over the Christmas break. I actually decided to film the differences with my GoPro and my phone from different angles. I noticed a big difference while shooting not only with getting back on target but as well as with the sound. When shooting I used my SportEAR Custom 360’s. Without the Area419 Sidewinder Muzzle Brake my ears were fine. I have shot a few hundred rounds through the rifle and I have always been fine shooting it. A week later when I had the muzzle brake installed and I shot the rifle it felt like I was shooting a canon. Even with my Customs in my ears it was a little painful to shoot. I decided I will start shooting doubled up with ear muffs and my customs when shooting the 300WM.

As you can see from the video the difference is actually quite drastic that is way more visible in the slow motion section of the video. You can see the recoil while shooting without the muzzle brake is way more substantial.

This past hunting season I missed a few deer. I took a shot at one at 750 yards, 400 yards and 20o yards. There were other factors in why I psyched myself out and missed those shots, but one thing I know, because of the kick of my 300WM I consistently pulled my shots instead of smoothly squeezing the trigger. I don’t expect the Area 419 Sidewinder to solve all my problems. But I am hoping that not only will it help me get back on my target for additional shots, but I will be able to mentally be prepared for less of a kick and work through better trigger control.

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