Concealment Solutions CS-1 IWB Pistol Holster

Concealment Solutions

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Concealment Solutions CS-1 IWB Pistol Holster - The top selling holster by Concealment Solutions, the CS-1 is made from top grade leather backing that is treated for moisture resistance. The shell has been precision molded out of Kydex that has a low profile design proving to be rugged and comfortable for every day carry (edc). The CS-1 inside the waist band holster uses two polymer belt clips that are nearly indestructible and will lock on a belt up to 1.75" wide. Completely adjustable using the four holes on each side of the leather and two on each belt clip you can get this holster set up for the best fit. IWB holsters are ideal for every day carry type of situations. The Kydex shell has been designed so you can carry deep inside your waist and allows for the gun to be holstered easily with one hand. Concealment Solutions guarantees their holsters with a lifetime warranty with their extreme quality.