Prevention is Better then a Cure

I have been shooting since I was a teenager! As I have gotten older I have shot more and more often. I shoot rimfire up to magnum rifles. I have shot both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the last year or so before I finally started to use hearing protection. I discovered the company SportEAR by AXIL. The products they specialize in allow you to have the hearing protection in your ears that also allow you to have normal conversations.

Before I discovered this company I used regular earmuffs or earplugs. Just passive hearing protection. These products have blown my mind. Not only do they allow normal conversation while protecting at the same time. But the also enhance your hearing like a hearing aid would. Their products definitely range in price, and I have a few different products of their brand. All of the ones I have used are amazing. I have the Custom Edge 360, the Ghost Stryke 1 as well as the Ghost Stryke Essential.

I now believe so firmly in hearing protection that I now keep some of these in my truck as well as with my other shooting gear.

Enhance at the Same Time

AXIL Hearing Protection

I even used my Customs when I was bowhunting a bull elk to help enhance the sounds so I could be more prepared. When the elk were bugling the enhancement part was insane. It sounded they were feet from us even though they were still 100 yards out still. Now that I have these and have gotten used to using them more regularly I feel like I am a little more sensitive to sounds that I wasn’t before. I use them now while mowing the lawn, using my power tools and made sure I had them in my ears while at the demolition derby in Spanish Fork, UT this year.