Carrying an extra pistol magazine is a no brainer for a lot of CCW permit holders. Having that spare magazine in case of an emergency is a very real possibility. There are plenty of situations where that spare magazine was needed, often times the spare magazine was available, when it was not, you can be for sure the user wished they had it.

magholder on beltI personally started carrying a Magholder with my Ruger LCP, but also have one for my S&W 1911, and my newest gun, a S&W Shield. Keeping that spare magazine gives me that comfort of knowing I will be able to protect my family in any situation that arises. At times when I choose not to carry the spare magazine holder on my belt, I keep the Magholder itself in my briefcase, I like doing this rather than the magazine itself as it ensures the bullets won’t accidentally come out of the magazine itself.Unfortunately, a lot of the spare magazine holders come as the vertical style. Concealing a pistol is getting easier and easier nowadays with all the different holsters and new IWB styles. However concealing the spare magazine is near impossible with vertical style of magazine holders. Magholder has solved this issue with the horizontal magazine pouch. Not only is it horizontal so it fits right alongside your belt, it is lightweight and durable. Magholder, LLC has spent countless hours perfecting the perfect recipe to maintain the needed consistency for a design that is almost unbreakable but weighs in under 2 ounces unloaded.

magholderMagholder has been around for a few years and the popularity and exposure increases day by day as other companies attempt to mimic the design and idea behind the horizontal magholder. Let us know in the comments below why you use the mag carrier you currently use and what it would take for you to switch over?