Having shot my .300 win mag over the past couple of years and knowing I was going to eventually need something to help with the kick I have slowly been listening to others recommendations as to what they use. I have been fortunate enough to harvest a few animals with this rifle but also realized I had issues with follow up shots. I did quite a bit of research on muzzle brakes. I spoke with hunting buddies, researched online forums and blogs as well as posted on some long range shooting Facebook pages.

muzzle brakeWith the universal adapter you could potentially use the same muzzle brake on multiple rifles of a similar caliber while easily and quickly installing the muzzle brake with the self timing collar. With the videos that Area 419 provides it is super easy to figure out how to use their muzzle brakes.I ultimately landed on the Area 419 muzzle brakes. They manufacture here in the USA, which is always something I take into consideration but they are also a small business, which I prefer to support compared to the bigger companies. Their Hellfire and Sidewinder muzzle brakes were recommended by everyone. The Area 419 muzzle brakes feature a self timing aspect that allows them to not only be installed by anyone on a threaded barrel but they also do not need the usual shims to ensure the brake is timed correctly.

It was hard for me to figure out what muzzle brake to get. I liked the idea behind the Area 419 muzzle brakes but the price tag was hard to swallow. After talking a little bit with the guys over at Area 419 I decided to jump on board and get my own Sidewinder. I just installed it and am excited to take it out to shoot to compare the difference it makes.

To make things a little more exciting with the Area 419 muzzle brakes, Unlimited Tactical has decided to bring these muzzle brakes into our store and to start selling them. Keep an eye out for our email announcing the arrival of the inventory as well as our post on the differences of shooting with this muzzle brake.