I’ve decided that for my gun of 2018, I am going to build an AR. I’ve got a particular design in mind and will share more of this build as it progresses in other posts. But one of the accessories I have gone back and forth over is whether or not to add a Suppressor onto it. I’ve always wanted a suppressor, but have never wanted to deal with that. I spoke with my attorney about setting up a Gun Trust, and realized it is actually pretty easy to do. Especially when your father is your attorney.

Hearing Protection Act

After getting that setup however I still was trying to decide which suppressor and whether the cost was worth it. I spoke with a few different people about it and they all pushed me to go for it however one individual mentioned that with the HPA (Hearing Protection Act) potentially passing in the near future I should hold off so I avoid paying the $200 tax stamp. My initial concerns with waiting however is soon as the HPA passes not only will the demand make wait times even worse then they are now, but the prices will go up because of the same demand. I got online and started doing some research and it seems that my same sentiments are shared not only with others but with actual suppressor companies.

Money Back Guarantee!

Silencer companies

Looking into the HPA and reading about it online apparently there is a provision regarding the tax stamp in there where if you purchased a suppressor prior to a certain date in 2015 you would be refunded the $200. So really there is no reason to wait. I might as well get going on my tax stamp delay that I’m seeing can take anywhere from 10 months to 1 year right now. I’m still trying to figure out what brand and what suppressor I want to go with. The AR is going to be in .223 so the options should be a little more diverse compared to other calibers. I’ll share in other posts as I continue my journey to get a suppressor.

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